On-premises phone system

Talknet can work with you to find the right communication solution for your business, delivering a highly featured on-premise phone system. With a range of the latest VoIP products, we can advise you on what best will suit your business needs.

Business hosted phone system

Hi there! Let's talk about on-premise PBX, a fantastic telecommunications system that organizations use to manage their internal phone calls. With this solution, businesses have complete control and customization of their equipment, software, and features. You'll love that it's highly scalable, making it a perfect choice for companies experiencing steady or rapid growth. 

However, it's important to note that there are some upfront costs associated with purchasing and maintaining the equipment and the requirement of in-house IT staff to manage any issues. But don't let that discourage you. Many organizations prioritize control, reliability, and customization, making an on-premise PBX a popular choice. Let's chat further to see if it's a solution that fits your unique needs!

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Our Hardware

We supply the PBX hardware for your 3CX phone system to be installed on to, we not only look after any 3CX software and phone firmware updates. we also look after the PBX hardware in regard to required hardware updates, or physical hardware replacements. 

Your Hardware

You supply the hardware for us to install 3CX phone system on to, this can be a physical machine or a virtual machine running on an existing server you may have (meet specific requirements). You look after the hardware that you have provided, and we continue as mentioned above, to look after all software and desk phone updates.

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