3CX in Education

Hey there! Did you know that the 3CX phone system for education is a fantastic tool that helps teachers, SLT's and school administrators stay connected?

Weather Events & Security

​Moreover, unforeseen weather and security events can occur during school time, with the need for schools to have effective communication systems in place to notify students and staff about potential dangers and to coordinate emergency response efforts. 3CX can provide a means of rapidly disseminating information about threats and ensuring that everyone is aware of what to do in an emergency by page announcements via desk phones and via the 3CX mobile app.

Simple 3-digit code dialling can activate pre-recorded announcements.

Paging Solutions

​Consider education paging speakers to improve communication in your school, college, or university. These speakers quickly share announcements, emergency alerts, and important info with students, faculty, and staff. Choose the right speakers based on the space size, acoustics, volume level, good communication creates a safer and more secure environment.

We can also activate school bells via this system, allowing the scheduling of multiple variations of times/dates and sounds to be played.

3CX Mobile App

The 3CX mobile app is an ideal tool for SLT's or admin staff who want to stay connected, even when they are roaming the school. 

With this app, they can make calls from their mobile providing the school's number rather than their own personal mobile number, very useful when calling parents. 

Also, page announcements can be made from any location using this application


Hey, did you know that integrating 3CX with your student management software like Hero or eTAP can bring simple one click parent contact dialling for admin and teachers, calls can be made via a desk phone, PC or mobile app.

SIP Lines

Moving away from your current landline to SIP lines will reduce your monthly bill considerably by using your N4L broadband connection.

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