Hey there! Have you heard of hybrid working? It's a fantastic work model that offers employees the opportunity to work remotely and from a physical office too!

Switch between multiple devices for calls

3CX gives employees the freedom to choose where they want to work, whether it be from the comfort of their home, in an office environment, or a blend of both. With hybrid working, employees can experience a better work-life balance by avoiding long commutes and having more control over their schedule.

Presence information

An important 3CX feature that helps with maintaining effective communications is presence information. Just as in an office, employees lose valuable time trying to contact colleagues who are busy or in a meeting. VoIP allows users to set their presence information that is shown to others. It makes it easy for a person to see if their colleague is available for a lengthy discussion or if it should be scheduled for later.

The current climate is one of lots of change and uncertainty. Investing in a VoIP system can help standardize some of your business operations and processes and provide your employees and customers with a level of consistency during these uncertain times. 

Virtual Meetings

On the employer's side of things, hybrid working boosts employee engagement, improves productivity, and reduces overhead expenses. Like with any new technology or work model, hybrid working does come with some challenges, such as ensuring effective communication and collaboration for employees in different locations. However, with some careful planning and the right tools, organizations can successfully adopt a hybrid working model that works for everyone!


Rock-solid superfast broadband that can cope with the whole family being online and still have space for glitch-free  video conferencing.

3CX Cloud Phone System

A cloud phone system that makes location and distance irrelevant: this is truly transformative for your business, connecting remote workers with the office, with each other, with clients and contacts – all completely invisibly and seamlessly.

Mobile App

Mobile devices that integrate with your cloud phone system, which allow you to keep in touch with colleagues and clients anywhere, anytime – even being able to flip between devices at will and without interruption.