Team View

Choose your Team view.

By default, the “Team” view will show all the members of the groups you are part of. To make it more manageable, you can choose a different “View” from the top right drop down list. Choose between the “Groups” available (e.g. marketing or sales) or assign team members to your own “Favorite” list by pressing the star icon on the desired contact. 

The contacts toggle allows you to show your personal contacts in this same view. They will be displayed after your team members.

Chat with colleagues and customers

In the “Web Client > Chat” section, you can send and receive instant messages with colleagues as well as live chat, WhatsApp, Facebook, and SMS/MMS messages from customers.

Quick response chat templates are available to be created and edited by group managers. These allow users to respond with predefined messages making response times quicker. Templates can be split into different categories and languages.

Find out more about composing chats and SMS, and the various chat functions available in the business chat manual.

Start a video conference.

In the “Web Client > Meet”, you can start a video conference or schedule a conference. Find out more about video conferencing and its features in the Video Conferencing manual. 

Set up Hotkeys.

When using the Desktop Application, hotkeys enable you to set up a bespoke combination of keystrokes to execute a number of supported operations on calls. These include opening the dialer, answering an incoming call, initiating a blind transfer, and so on.

  1. Open the 3CX Desktop Application.
  2. Click “More”  on the left side navigation panel and select “Settings”.
  3. From the dropdown menu in the top right of the screen, select “Hotkeys”.
  4. On each line, click the pencil icon which then allows you to simply press the key combination desired.

Note: Configured keys will be kept as part of Local Storage and will be used only by the Desktop App. Do not use Hot Key combinations that are used for your operating system. Combinations set on 3CX Desktop App will overwrite whatever shortcuts the apps/OS is using, and it will be applied globally.

Manage Status and Queues