Manage Status and Queues

Manage your status & queues.

The “Status” feature allows you to see which colleagues are available to take calls. Avoid distractions and set your own status to let others know when you’re away or you don’t want to be disturbed.


  1. Click your avatar in the top left and choose from AvailableAwayDo Not DisturbLunchBusiness Trip.
  2. Your status changes to yellow when your line is busy.
  3. Click on your avatar to select “Set status temporarily” to time-limit your status.
  4. From this menu you can also login and out of queues.
  5. Use the pencil icon to set a custom status message.
  6. Customize status message and behaviour by clicking on “Avatar > Your Name > Call Forwarding”. Here you can:
  • Set a custom message.
  • Enable/disable Push notifications for each status.
  • Rename “Lunch” and “Business Trip” profiles.
  • Set the number of seconds to activate forwarding of unanswered calls for “Available” and “Lunch” profiles.
  • Choose to forward unanswered calls to options such as: Voicemail, mobile etc.
  • Override forwarding rules based on Caller ID and time of the call.
  • Set your own specific office and break hours.

Auto Switch Status based on your working hours.

You can ‘Switch Status’ in  “Settings > Call Forwarding”. It can be used to create your own bespoke office hours and break times. Your extension will then follow these hours and automatically change your status depending on the schedule.

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